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Bridging The Digital Divide

The COVID-19 crisis has made the whole country aware that tens of millions of our neighbors still lack basic internet connections, and they live in communities of all kinds – big cities, small towns, suburban as well as rural communities. We provide solutions to geographic and economic barriers to secure, robust internet access.

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We work closely with our clients to walk them through the process of Affordable Internet programs offered through the EBB, FCC,  local ISP's, and other local agencies.  And, through our partnership with Mobile Citizen, clients can arrange robust hotspots to provide internet access at a variety of locations.

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We refurbish off-lease, business-class laptops and provide service and maintenance for up to 12 months!

- Windows 10 Home or Pro
- Up to  8GB RAM
- Up to 160GB Hard drive
- Webcam / microphone 
- Carry case and power supply 

   (Processor/speed=business class)

-12 months service/maintenance   warranty

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Our "Seniorspan" program keeps Nursing Home and Assisted Living seniors connected with their families on a regular basis. Active Senior groups also get generous discounts at Local merchants. Senior learning pods are also a great way to engage with friends, and have fun sharing experiences!


Our clients form their own small clubs around common interests and local area. Weekly 1-2 hr meetings are held at convenient partner locations. Groups complete individual and collective learning goals to win awesome special prizes!

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Education and Beyond
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We partner with local businesses to bring the classroom to convenient, easy-to-find LOCAL locations!  Our small-group learning pods work together online AND in person to help each other build their digital literacy. Nationally recognized and accredited  curriculum  providers such as Google, Amazon, Coursera, Northstar, (and others)  offer a  vast  array of post-secondary low-or-no-cost degree and certification programs. Certificates provide an important credential as more and more jobs require basic computer skills.  (Certificates also certify end user ability to complete computer skills needed in higher education, and demonstrate their ability to use the  available technology to foster teamwork).

Also, (as an approved testing location) clients may obtain Northstar Digital Literacy Certificates when they pass assessments and learning modules.  


We bring our vision, expertise, and our alliance to support digital inclusion.    Join us in supporting this vital work.

Whether used to order food online, to check in with family members or schedule a vaccine appointment, closing the digital divide will literally save lives.

Help bring about a more equitable society by putting the opportunity to make use of available technology in everyone's hands!

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