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Our mission is to help achieve a Digitally Equitable society by proactively seeking and serving those who are disadvantaged or underserved in their ability to make use of technology as it evolves. 

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    Bridging the Digital Divide

 We were in the process of migrating to a more digital society anyway.  5G, VR, Internet of everything!
But the COVID-19 crisis has forced us to face this conversion much faster than anyone foresaw. Yet tens of millions of our neighbors still lack basic internet connections! Lack of access has had a measurable effect across the board- from our children's educational and social well-being,  right down to access to vaccine distribution!  We know that now, more than ever,  to be a more equitable society,  we must close the Digital Divide.
Digital Inclusion means that all individuals and communities, including the most disadvantaged, have access to, and use of, our collective Digital Resources . We are our brother's keeper!
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  • Affordable Broadband resource hub

  •  Free refurbished business-class laptops​

  • Free device maintenance support  (12 months)​

  • Basic Digital Literacy (Beginner) classes

  • Advanced Digital Literacy (Lifelong) classes​

  • ​Free Personal Development and continued education planning. 

  • Local, small-group in-person meetups​

  • Learning teams compete for valuable prizes!​

  • Electronics recycling resource center


We work with leaders of local government, community organizations, public libraries and local small business that are committed to reducing digital disparities among our neighbors to improve the daily lives of all community members. Digital Inclusion is most effectively achieved via community-based efforts that combine:

*Affordable home broadband service

*Access to affordable, appropriate devices (laptops)

*Digital Literacy training, device repair/maintenance

*Ongoing Personal Development plan.

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